So Brad Pitt gets a reward for his humanitarianism.

Hm. I have 2 thoughts about this one. OK, maybe 3.

1- First off I have to say that I have always lusted after Brad Pitt. He's hot. No doubts about it. Great actor, etc.
2- I would be a bit angry if I was Angie that Brad is the one getting the thing 'cuz if I remember right she started doing this stuff in Africa before they got together and Newsweek is saying it is him that is bringing the world to Africa to see the poverty and whatnot.
3- He 'n Angie are giving away millions to Africa and other places to help improve their country, which -hey- more power to 'em, it's their money so they can do what they wish, but why is it that these folks w/the money - American citizens - are giving away their millions to other countries instead of trying to improve their own. I understand that it's a long road and all (and don't even get me started on our leadership-or lack thereof) but doesn't everyone say that a little is better than none?

I'm not being critical of anyone here. Just thinkin' out loud.


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