My (official) 1st sbq!!!

I HAVE ARRIVED!!!!! Wooo Hooooooo!!! I always felt so left out before. :o)

Today's SBQ was suggested by Cheryl and is:

What do you do with your charts once you've stitched them? Do you keep
them or dispose of them? If you keep them, do you organize them in a
way that is different from the way you keep your unstitched charts?

Ans: I don't keep my charts, at all. I rarely re-do anything I've done before, there are so many other things I want to do and I know NO one that I could gift them to.

OK, let me say that since I've been reading blogs and spending more time online with this stuff I've come to realize that I'm a Bad Stitcher. I don't do many things like others. I don't know ANYone else that cross stitches. Or even anyone that crafts. AT all. I've always been a subversive crafter. I work in a predominantly male driven (heh heh ... "driven" ... get it?! cab driver ... driven ... okay my 'Butthead' moment is over) world. I don't have many friends and none of them craft. I'm not very sociable (other than my job o' course :o)so I don't do the crafting store classes.

I didn't realize I COULD do anything remotely crafty until I was about 18, I took a drawing class in college and had this "Whoa .... I can DRAW" epiphany then went on to do everything else I could w/my hands, all self-taught. Now I think about how all the 'arts' are being taken out of schools for lack of funding and I feel for kids. I just got lucky I didn't end up in jail like MANY of the people that are artistic and have no outlet. (I did a study a little while back. Interesting stuff.)

NOW ... on to the good stuff! I made this last night. I made one similar to this for J's ma on Mom's Day and she loved it so she gets one for her Bday as well. Took about 6 hrs, only had to stitch the bfly ... I love these quick stitch kits. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something. :o)

And for Jules: I'm a catnapper. I sleep about 2-3 hrs a time maybe 2x/day and am only allowed to drive a max of 14hrs/24 hr period so I have plenty o' time to play. Lemme tell ya, my J had a HARD time adjusting to that when he moved in. It was amusing. Hey, if it's good enough for Einstein then should be ok for me. He (J, not Einstein ;o) came to me the other day and said he read a study on the 'net about this type of sleeping pattern and the results. He told me "... well, I guess it's all right for you to sleep like this." And now that I have his PERmission, I guess it's all good.



Cheryl in DC said...

Thanks for answering the SBQ I suggested!

trysori said...

I absolutely adore that butterfly.

I don't know any cross stitchers offline either. Well actually I do, I know one, my brother in law's mother that I don't really have much to do with.

My oldest sister has dabbled but got bored. My mum (who is blind in one eye and couldn't anyway) won't even attempt it, and my other sister isn't interested.