Lookee here ... it actually worked!! I'm so happy about that!! Now I just need the time to finish it. Shouldn't take too long. Althought the color(s) you see missing are Pearl Blending Thread, of which I have none laying around and the local craft store doesn't carry. So aside from ordering it I believe I am just going to steal from one of the T.W. kits that I have in stash and finish it that way. I'm debating whether I want to work tonight (which, of course I should) or just stay home (for which there is potential hazard of the 'bitch-and-moan' type that I would have to listen to. :o)
I had a really good night last night, and am still fairly tired. I dunno, we'll see what we see, wont we?! :o)

Also decided on my next cross stitch that I am going to do ... Raphael's "Angels". I have ALWAYS loved this picture and got all excited when I got the chance to buy it in a xstitch ... if you're into classical paintings, pictures, anything of that type of nature may I suggest trying out this site ... http://www.xs-collectibles.com/ They have some of the MOST incredible patterns I've ever seen. I was feeling ambitious and got the Monet "Dusk" and the "Angels" but if you are feeling INCREDIBLY AMBITIOUS they have a "Sistine Chapel" by Michaelangelo that is just beautiful to look at and -I'm sure- INCREDIBLY intricate and time-consuming. But OH so worth it. So ... here are the "Dusk" and "Angels" for your perusal ... :o)
And if anyone hasn't looked yet, go check out CCsStitchingDiary.blogspot.com ... she (they) have the most incredible cross stitching I've seen. Their taste (they're twins) and completion are magnificent. (I've run out of proper adjectives to describe their work!! :o) I followed the process of their "Rune Gypsy" and was just amazed by the beauty of it.

SO ... I think that is all I have to say for now ... I ordered dinner. :o)



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