And 12 days later ...

We have a finish!! And I kinda like him too. :o) If I didn't have to do all that blasted WORK then I could've probably finished earlier, but alas ... such is the life.

I love the way the border turned out, especially since I was concerned when I did a little ...'creative reconfiguring' with the charting. (Sorry Teresa!!) I figure I'm not going to do the gridding of the border so I'm going to - eventually - add some beads to the middle of the diamonds. I bought some a while back that I've been itching to use.

Other than that, just back from the dentist and now off look at more new cars. If anyone (is ever going to READ this!!! :o) is looking to buy a new car, Chevy is right now having a 0% int/72 mth financing sale.

Happy Wednesday!!


Kathy said...

Hi Michelle

Wow what a great dragon you have stitched, have sent you an answer regarding fabby for the Mermaids.

Hugs xxxxxx

Little Grey Cat said...

What a great dragon! And I love the border. I've STILL not stitched a dragon ... maybe one day.

Jenny said...

Wow, I hadn't seen this one stitched up before - very nice. :)