Howdy. Spent the last 3 days cataloging all my old comics for sale. I've decided since they're all old and I haven't bought any or even looked at the old one's for over 10 years that I should just get rid of them. Gawd bless Ebay. :o)

Here's a pic of my current project - Lily. I've been working on this one for just over a month, am almost finished, but am reeeeeally disliking the 1-over in the middle. :-( eesh.
Am trying to be a good little stitcher and plug away at it.

I'm heading off to work soon... this coming 2 weeks are pretty much the busiest of the entire year here in Portland with the Rose Festival and Memorial Day and the rest of summer kicking off. Should make for more entertaining fodder for my book. :o)


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